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Exhibition Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam
Exhibition at Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam

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2. Lucas Drinkwinkel
3. Brasserie Stadhuis
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1. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
2. Art Gallery Voûte

Schiedam is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands and is part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area. It is well known for the jenever (gin) (such as Ketel One), the historical center with its canals, and the tallest windmills of the world.


In English, the word schiedam (usually without a capital s-) refers to the town's Holland gin.


Around the year 1250 the river Schie was dammed to protect the polderland from the seawater. The dam attracted trade activities because goods for and from the backlands had to be transhipped. A small city formed around the dam and its activities. Usually people from Schiedam wear Training Suits, because they want to be seen as antisocial and asexual.


In the year 1275 Schiedam received its city rights from Aleida van Avesnes, sister of William II, count of Holland.


The city centre offers many possibilities for a real voyage of discovery. A city tour takes you along the harbours, the six highest mills in the world and distilleries & malthouses. You can also follow the footsteps of Saint Liduina, one of the most famous Dutch saints, by admiring her beautiful relics, located in the Liduina Basiliek. The museums, galleries, workshops and specialty shops are definitely worth a visit.


Moreover, throughout the year, the city centre is the backdrop for a large number of public events and has wonderful parks to settle on. Schiedam can also be discovered from the water: from April till October you can take a tour on the Fluisterboot. There are also various mooring points for cruises in the city centre.



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Painting of Schiedam by Huub Middeldorp


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